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Natural Corks

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For centuries, natural cork has been the closure material of choice for quality wines. Lightweight, inert, impermeable to liquids and...

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The DS100, dry soak inspection process is a unique promise from Cork Supply that guarantees the inspection of all corks.

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Cork Supply is proud to contribute to and raise quality standards in the technical cork market.

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Sparkling Wine & Champagne Closures

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Technical Spec Sheets CS Cuvee 0+2 CS- Cuvee-0+1 CS Cuvee Micro CS Cuvee Agglomerated VINC Cuvee

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Nomacorc Closures

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Since 1997, Cork Supply has partnered with Nomacorc, LLC, to provide wineries in North America, Australia and South Africa with...

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Screw Caps

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Today's winemaking styles and markets demand alternatives to traditional pull-style closures. Since 2001, Cork Supply has delivered the finest quality...

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Cork Supply is proud of our long-term partnership with Spain’s esteemed Rivercap™, a leading world class manufacturer of premium decorative...

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With Talis, Cork Supply Group fulfils a longstanding market need: a premium, high performing bartop for luxury wines and spirits brands.

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Top-of-the-Bottle Experts

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With our complete range of best-in-class top-of-the-bottle solutions, Cork Supply offers winemakers choice. Our unbeatable collection of products includes premium...

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Choosing the Right Closure

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With so many different wine closures in the market to choose from — and so much debate accompanying them —...

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Product Use and Care

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All products sold by Cork Supply are of the finest quality materials and production, and delivered to you in ready-to-use condition.

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