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Social Equity

The culture of Cork Supply is the culture of people.

People make our company who it is, and our business what it is. Many people, all over the world, individually and collaboratively engaged in all sorts of pursuits. Making, tasting, enjoying wine. Harvesting, inspecting, popping corks. At work, at home, in the great outdoors. All, in ways big and small, equally contribute to and are touched by Cork Supply.

We realize that our global and local business affects more than simply our direct employees and customers, and we carefully manage the impact Cork Supply has on individuals, local communities and society at large.

Our commitment begins in the cork forests — with fair, safe and honest treatment of our growers and harvesters, investments in forestry stewardship education, and sustainable collaboration with the indigenous people, culture and resources of the region.

It continues through our production and service operations, wherein we ensure worker health, safety and protection, offer training and education, and promote equal opportunity for all employees.

And it extends to our customers, retailers and consumers, who can depend on Cork Supply for products superior in quality, safety and performance, and sourced in an ethically, economically and ecologically sound manner.

We make it our mission to promote mindful attitudes and practices that treat the individuals and communities we touch with fairness and respect. Likewise, we conduct responsible corporate management and citizenship that balances give and take to maximize long-term value for all our stakeholders — including our shareholders, employees, customers, consumers, suppliers, industry and planet.

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